"Hawthorne, CA: Birthplace Of A Musical Legacy"
2 CD
Capitol Records ‎ 72435-31583-2-3
Mike Love Introduces Surfin' 0:48 3701 West 119th Street, Hawthorne, California: The Surfin' Rehearsal [Previously Unreleased] 2:40 Happy Birthday Four Freshmen 0:56 Mike On Brian's Harmonies 0:45 Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Live Rehearsal) 2:31 Surfin' USA (Demo) [Previously Unreleased] 2:03 Surfin' USA (Backing Track) [Previously Unreleased] 2:35 Carl Wilson Radio Promo 0:15 Shut Down (Live) [Previously Unreleased] 1:56 Little Deuce Coupe (Demo) [Previously Unreleased] 1:51 Murry Wilson Directs A Radio Promo 0:25 Fun, Fun, Fun (Backing Track) [Previously Unreleased] Brian's Message To "Rog" - Take 22 0:29 Dance, Dance, Dance (Stereo Remix) [Previously Unreleased] 2:05 Kiss Me, Baby (A Cappella Mix) [Previously Unreleased] 2:49 Good To My Baby (Backing Track) [Previously Unreleased] 2:32 Chuck Britz On Brian In The Studio 0:21 Salt Lake City (Session Highlights) [Previously Unreleased] 1:49 Salt Lake City (Stereo Remix) [Previously Unreleased] 2:08 Wish That He Could Stay (Session Excerpt) [Previously Unreleased] 1:12 And Your Dream Comes True (Stereo Remix) [Previously Unreleased] 1:06 Carol K Session Highlights [Previously Unreleased] 2:12 The Little Girl I Once Knew (Alternate Version) [Previously Unreleased] 2:33 Alan And Dennis Introduce Barbara Ann 0:29 Barbara Ann (Session Excerpt) [Previously Unreleased] 2:52 Barbara Ann (Master Take Without Party Overdubs) [Previously Unreleased] 3:08 Mike On The Everly Brothers 0:22 Devoted To You (Master Take Without Party Overdubs) [Previously Unreleased] 2:19 Dennis Thanks Everybody / In The Back Of My Mind 2:25 Can't Wait Too Long (A Cappella Mix) [Previously Unreleased] 0:50 Dennis Introduces Carl 0:43 Good Vibrations (Stereo Track Sections) [Previously Unreleased] 3:13 Good Vibrations (Concert Rehearsal) [Previously Unreleased] 4:09 Heroes And Villains (Stereo Single Version) [Previously Unreleased] 3:40 Vegetables (Promo - Instrumental Section) [Previously Unreleased] 0:56 Vegetables (Stereo Extended Mix) [Previously Unreleased] 3:01 You're With Me Tonight [Previously Unreleased] 0:49 Lonely Days [Previously Unreleased] 0:49 Bruce On Wild Honey 0:14 Let The Wind Blow (Stereo Remix) [Previously Unreleased] 2:35 I Went To Sleep (A Cappella Mix) 1:35 Time To Get Alone (Alternate Version) [Previously Unreleased] 3:39 Alan And Brian Talk About Dennis 0:19 A Time To Live In Dreams [Previously Unreleased] 1:50 Be With Me (Backing Track) [Previously Unreleased] 3:17 Dennis Introduces Cotton Fields 0:10 Cottonfields (The Cotton Song) (Stereo Single Version) [Previously Unreleased] 3:15 Alan And Carl On Break Away 0:21 Break Away (Alternate Version) [Previously Unreleased] 3:12 Add Some Music To Your Day (A Cappella Mix) [Previously Unreleased] 3:29 Dennis Wilson 0:27 Forever (A Cappella Mix) [Previously Unreleased] 2:51 Sail On, Sailor (Backing Track) [Previously Unreleased] 3:16 Old Man River (Vocal Section) [Previously Unreleased] 1:20 Carl Wilson 0:39 The Lord's Prayer (Stereo Remix) 2:33 Carl Wilson - Coda 2:28