"It Suits Me Well: Transatlantic Recordings 1976-1983"
2 CD
Cherry Tree Records - CRTREE017D
Disc 1
1. The HeilanmanDrowsey Maggie 2. Carthys March 3. The White CockadeDoc Boyds Jig Durham Rangers 4. My Singing Bird 5. The Nightingale 6. Once I Loved a Maiden Fair 7. The Killarney Boys of Pleasure 8. Lady in the BoatRosin the Bow Timor the Tartar 9. Byker Hill 10. The Ace and Deuce of Pipering 11. Hole in the Wall 12. Ben Dorian 13. HullichansChorus Jig 14. The 79ths Farewell to Gibralter 15. Arthur McbrideSnug in the Blanket 16. The Athole Highlanders 17. Shannon BellsFairy Dance Miss Mcleods Reel 18. The King of the Fairies 19. Chief Oneills Favourite Newcastle Hornpipe 20. Sheebeg and Sheemore 21. The Rocky Road to Dublin Sir Phillip Mchugh 22. Planxty Morgan Mawgan 23. The Swallows TailRakes of KildareBlackthorn Stick 24. Sheagh of Ryethe Friars Breeches 25. Derwentwaters Farewell the Noble Squire Dacre 26. TeribusFarewell to Aberdeen
Disc 2
1. Bonapartes Retreat 2. Shepherds Hey 3. Lord Inchiquin 4. The Coulin 5. Wat Ye Wha I Met the Streenthe Ribbons of the Redhead Girl Ril Gan Ainm 6. Sir Charles CooteSmiths 7. I Have a Wife of My OwnLady Mary Hayes Scotch Measure 8. Wishingthe Victors Return the Gravel Walk 9. When the Battle Is Over 10. Sword Dancethe Young Black Cow 11. Sean ODwyer of the Glenthe Hag With the MoneySleepy Maggie 12. It Suits Me Well 13. The Brides Marchthe Keelmans PertitionShew Me the Way to WallingfordSword Dance 14. PartheniaPittengardeners Rant 15. Grey Daylightthe Hawk the Ten Pound Fiddle 16. JamaicaWith All My Heart 17. Nathaniel Gows Lament on the Occasion of the Death of His BrotherRory of the Hills 18. The Rakes of Sollohad 19. Dr Issacs MaggotCupids Garden 20. Boadicea