"Live In London"
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CD1 Boots Of Chinese Plastic CD2 Don't Cut Your Hair CD3 Talk Of The Town CD4 Message Of Love CD5 Kid CD6 The Nothing Maker CD7 Don't Lose Faith In Me CD8 Back On The Chain Gang CD9 Love's A Mystery CD10 Rosalee CD11 I Go To Sleep CD12 Don't Get Me Wrong CD13 Tequila CD14 Stop Your Sobbing CD15 Day After Day CD16 Cuban Slide CD17 Break Up The Concrete CD18 Thumbelina CD19 Middle Of The Road CD20 The Wait CD21 Tattooed Love Boys CD22 Precious
Bonus Tracks
CD23 I'll Stand By You CD24 Brass In Pocket DVD1 Boots Of Chinese Plastic DVD2 Don't Cut Your Hair DVD3 Talk Of The Town DVD4 Message Of Love DVD5 Kid DVD6 The Nothing Maker DVD7 Don't Lose Faith In Me DVD8 Back On The Chain Gang DVD9 Love's A Mystery DVD10 Rosalee DVD11 I Go To Sleep DVD12 Don't Get Me Wrong DVD13 Tequila DVD14 Stop Your Sobbing DVD15 Day After Day DVD16 Cuban Slide DVD17 Break Up The Concrete DVD18 Thumbelina DVD19 Middle Of The Road DVD20 The Wait DVD21 Tattooed Love Boys DVD22 Precious
Bonus Tracks
DVD23 I'll Stand By You DVD24 Brass In Pocket